Who Survives Secret Wars? Secrets Of The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe (MAJOR SPOILERS)

So why survives the Secret Wars, as Marvel launches a number of All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch titles today?

Galactus vs Ultimate Spiderman + Cloak & Dagger

Miles Morales learned the meaning of having great responsibility and put his costume back on after mourning the tragic death of his mother. Now he stands to lose his entire world as a cosmic threat descends on Earth.

Spiderman and Captain  America  THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND AGAIN.  Finally.

Whimsical Christmas Mantel 2013

Spiderman and Captain America. The sad thing about this is that a few hours after Captain America says this to him, Spider-Man bleeds to death in the arms of his Aunt May after saving the life of his family.

I glanced at this and instantly thought this was a Despicable Me poster of some kind. The yellow part looks like Gru. Cannot be unseen.

El uso inteligente del espacio negativo

Criminal Underworld - Penguin vs Batman, by Simon Page that-design-thing-i-do-and-the-art-that-inspires-i

Ultimate Spiderman2 web by MatiasSoto on DeviantArt

Warm up sketch from a couple of days this week: Miles Morales, the all new Ultimate Spider-man. After the tragic death of the original Ultimate Spider-m.