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10 most toxic plants to horses

As spring heads to summer it is a good time for horse owners to get a little refresher course on poisonous plants. Some plants are poisonous when they are thriving or in blossom while some are most…

I never use a crop or spurs...I also ride in a (safe) hackamore...as in not a bosal...or something else make of raw hide or an uncomfortable rubbing material.

Horse Show Checklist: What You Need for a Horse Show! Check out this helpful infographic from Mary's Tack & Feed and see if you have everything you need!

A must list!!

What to do with horses in an emergency. Could save your horses life and prevent human injury

Tax Write-Offs for a Commercial Horse Boarding Facility- Oh this is a wonderfully exhaustive list of awesome ideas I will certainly be able to use in the future!

Tax Write-Offs for a Commercial Horse Boarding Facility

Commercial horse boarding facilities operate on at least seven acres with no fewer than 10 horses in board. A horse owner may choose from full, partial, do-it-yourself, pasture or working board .