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Crystal Quartz Cluster Lamp by SoulMakes

Quartz Cluster Lamp

Unique, epic quartz cluster lamp, made with very large quartz clusters and points. Includes bulb and cord with on& switch to plug into any outlet for easy use. Perfect night light or reading lamp for nightstand or any table.

Wish i knew this years ago for my son...

Crystal Guidance: DAILY CRYSTAL TIP: Nightmares — Chase away nightmares with Amethyst, Pink Mangano Calcite, Smoky Quartz, or Prehnite. Put your favorite crystal(s) under your pillow or in a safe place next to your bed. Great for kids too!

Crystal formation names

Crystal Healing Chart: Crystal Formations and their Meanings. What are the Crystal Healing properties of different crystal formations and shapes? Discover how these common and unusual forms add extra special meanings to your crystals.

Amethyst garden in a crystal ball!

Miniature terrarium raw Amethyst pendant, long crystal necklace, lichen jewellery, green moss terrarium, glass orb pendant by RubyRobinBoutique on


Crystals for Relaxation — Enjoy an evening of relaxation with Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Golden Calcite, Lepidolite, or Smoky Quartz.


It's a crystal garden. ~ Clear quartz crystals are known to purify + cleanse energy - use them in your space to lift low vibes.