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What a beautiful white horse at the beach!

via FB page-->> The Amazing Wild Nature Andalusian - beauty on the beach Oh my gosh!

A little bit of early morning sass!

I always wanted to own a Palomino. This was the horse of my dreams. And know i got a palomino, she is a girl and she is my best friend. And the thing what we to together is Bariller rasising!

Hellooo handsome

SPAIN / Andalucía - Andalusian Horse - Andalusian horse-- In recent times, the name of the breed has been changed to PRE (Pura Raza Española) or Pure Spanish Breed. There is controversy because of that.

What a beauty!

Photo by Karolina Wengerek / sunflower field and beautiful horse / country life / sweet and simple.

I'm black Beauty!!

Mintse 384 Sport at the Friesian Connection - Sale Horses and Breeding - photo by Cally Matherly