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plasmatics-life: Paradise ~ By Kiyoshi Iida Repin & Like. Thank you . Listen to Noel songs. Noelito Flow.

Sorakuen Garden and Tea House, Kobe, Japan. Placement of bushes to "hug" house and incorporate it

Pagoda in autumn, Joruri-ji temple 浄瑠璃寺, Kyoto, Japan

yumenomusume: “Pagoda in autumn, Joruri-ji temple 浄瑠璃寺, Kyoto, Japan by Damien…

Kinkakuji Temple in snow. Japan

Kinkakuji 金閣寺 ("Golden Pavilion"), a Zen temple in northern Kyoto, Japan. "Kinkakuji in snow" photo by Takeshi Kuboki www.

This makes me think of one thing. The Color Purple. If you can walk by a field and not notice the color purple, I think that pisses God off.


Goldie: A Goldfish (UK) The fish was only an inch long when Goldie's owner bought it for 99 cents, and 15 years later it had ballooned into a record-breaking size, despite being kept in a small tank.