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"Where I'd like to be right now - alone on a plane, headed anywhere far away. I love that anonymous feeling and knowing no one really knows where I am. I miss this."

She always books the night flight since she adores that view outside the window, the 3 layers of the sky: the stars, the clouds and the space hanging in between.

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The pattern the lights are making down the road is a really cool effect. I also like that the moon is close to the color of the streetlights. The gradient of light to dark from the sky to the ground is nice contrast

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While changing planes in Dallas, Texas, Grant Spanier boarded his flight assuming he would be taking a seat in the window seat he paid for. Upon arriving at his row, he found a woman already .

night drive

late night car rides, and seeing all the lights. I've always liked going on car rides but going during the night is my favourite time.

Tiny clouds

Never be afraid to reach out to your head and take that cloud and put it into the sky, there where you can see it fade and shrink, laugh at how big it once had seemed.