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More Time & Less Grime – Clean Natural Living with Delores VandenBoogaard | Ind. Norwex Edmonton Sales Consultant

More Time & Less Grime - Clean Natural Living with Delores VandenBoogaard

Rebecca Lange - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant: Start your Norwex Business - Join my Team!

Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Norwex consultant!These are my personal perspectives, based on my three years as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. I’d be glad to answer any additional questions!

Norwex Spirisponge is an excellent sponge for cleaning very dirty areas of the home and works even on sensitive surfaces.

Little Green Cloth - Suzanne Holt - Senior Vice President Sales Leader, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Difference between spring based mattress and memory foam #mattress. #MattressQuality

Spring base and Memory Foam Mattress by Homearena

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There are a lot of ways to use Norwex cleaning paste, and Mariah is sharing a list of YES! 35 ways to use this non-toxic Norwex product in your home. Norwex the best cleaning products EVER!

FREE is always better. Hosting a Party is easy..message me today! http://aprilegudino.norwex.biz

Free, News Ecard: That moment when you realize that you just paid full-price for your Norwex products when you could've gotten them FREE by hosting a party!

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New color option for the Norwex Dish Cloth. See the Norwex scrubber products in this virtual party catalog image. The Spirinette may be my favorite thing on the planet.

This was a science fair test where raw chicken was rubbed all over a table then a variety of cleaning products were used to clean it. (plus one where only a Norwex enviro cloth and water was used)  Purple= detection of protein where bacteria will thrive Green = NO detection of protein so bacteria will NOT thrive  Washcloth with no chemicals = Purple Hydrogen peroxide = Purple  Lemon = Purple Vinegar = Purple 409 = Purple Clorox Clean-up (with bleach) = Purple WATER + Norwex cloth = * GREEN *

Check out the results of this science fair project comparing traditional and natural cleaning methods with the Norwex enviro cloth and water.

Use the Norwex Reusable Produce Bags to gather toys, and even wash them! Get yours at www.JoyAlderson.norwex.biz

Use the Norwex Reusable Produce Bags or Laundry bag to gather toys, and even wash them. Thanks for posting, Amanda DeSonia, Norwex Independent Consultant.

Norwex Evirocloths can replace all of your chemical cleaners and even your eco friendly ones too. The micro silver embedded in the cloths goes to work destrying bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is truly an amazing cloth. http://www.norwex.biz/pws/katrinachessari/tabs/home.aspx

Reduce the chemicals in your home with Norwex! Say goodbye to spending lots of money and time on toxic cleaners! Get your own Norwex shopping spree gift and reclaim the space under your sink - contact me at lisabaker.

Check out the habits of people with spotless kitchens, and how to save time in just 12 easy steps!

I'd love to point you toward a Norwex product (or products) that can help you keep that room clean. Norwex truly saves you time and money, while reducing your dependence on chemicals. It's a win-win!