Laser print of Tetsuo and Kaneda from Katsuhiro Otomos Akira on matte cover stock Signed on the front in metallic mar

Cyberpunk artworks gallery - Page 50

Another Anime-Noir Poster for my original IP thing NEO-EARTH This is my OC Tomiyuki in his 'Kitsune' outfit. (This is also a digital redux of a previous sketch for Inktober)

andrewmaclean: “ jasonlatour: “ Jason Latour: “A better look at the promo image for John Arcudi and James Harren’s RUMBLE. Coloring James was a lot of fun. I won’t be coloring the book, I just pitched.

The way we see it, Andy had it all: Woody, Buzz, Wheezy (yes, the penguin deserves a top mention), and last, but certainly not least, the single greatest kid’s room of all time.

9 Reasons Why We Wish We Grew Up in Andy's Room