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Bob Ross was a consummate teacher. He guided fans along as he painted “happy trees,” “almighty mountains” and “fluffy clouds” over the course of his tel…

I'm willing to overlook the grammatical error becuase I love this so much. Maybe I should just turn it into a bird.

Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now - SAD BOB ROSS

Image result for happy little trees

Image result for happy little trees

Bob Ross. (Wow! He was HOT when he was young!)

I can’t imagine Bob Ross screaming at his underlings like in Full Metal Jacket.

I would watch his show with my dad!

Bob Ross Facts - WTF fun facts And is literally the only painter that I can name now a days.

Tee shirt... Bob Ross.  Available at link....  "Everybody needs a little friend"

T-Shirt: Heather Green, Everybody Needs a Little Friend, Men’s Cut

Everyone knows Bob Ross was a Good Guy but this old episode was on another level - meme, ross, episode, level.

Lets paint some happy trees, with a little siena brown.

This made me laugh! One of Anya's favorite phrases is "like a boss" and she finds Bob Ross hilarious.

20 Essential Life Lessons From Bob Ross

20 Essential Life Lessons From Bob Ross

Bob Ross

"Realizing that you first experienced ASMR with BobRoss" Things Only ASMR Fans Will Understand