The Hobbit - Bilbo, Balin and Dwalin

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Doodle12 by ~karama-wari on deviantART

Balin, Dwalin and Ori by ~karama-wari on deviantART

One Day At A Time Dwalin Ori

papermachette: “ Little Ori is Balin’s pupil, so he often comes by to visit for his lessons. Dwalin is sometimes there when’s he’s off duty so he just hangs around. He’s probably thinking “Gawd what a.

Lost Little Thorin Part Two

Lost Little Thorin Part Two

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I love them together like in an asexual love. Just tugs on my heartstring.

(100+) hobbit fanart | Tumblr

Dori, Nori, and Ori's mother, perhaps? She kinda looks like she could be related to Miss Brega.

Lady Bilbo just... <3 <3

Bilbo working in her garden, kudos to the original artist out there!

Found on via Tumblr

Found on via Tumblr