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출처 : <글로벌 미래농업 트렌드>

출처 : <글로벌 미래농업 트렌드>

"Evacuated" tube transportation promises to transport you from NYC to LA in 45 mins. Speeds up to 4,000 mph.

Breathlessly billed as "Space Travel on Earth," a transportation concept from Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or would reportedly be able to whisk passengers from New York to L. in 45 minutes.

The Duality concept vehicle ambitiously attempts to blur the lines between off-road SUV and race car.

2014 Michelin Challenge Design finalists announced - Car Design News

the Dry Clean, a very capable towel drier that not only dries towels but also disinfects them. The device uses a miniature turbine to direct hot air towards the towels and maintains the temperature to allow for easy drying. An ultraviolet (UV) light disinfects the towel and keeps them fresh and fluffy.

26 Products You Can’t Believe Don’t Exist Yet: A towel dryer that not only dries your towels, but disinfects them with UV light.

Gelegentlich produzieren wir für das Wochenmagazin DIE ZEIT Infografiken für die Grafik-Serie »Wissen in Bildern«. Bei Gelegenheit bieten wir auch eigene Grafiken an, wie z.B. die Grafik Bunte Republik Deutschland zur Bundestagswahl im September 2009. Diese Grafik gewann bei den internationalen Malofiej-Awards 2010 eine Goldmedaille.

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How HDMI Work?

HDMI Connections - HDMI connections can include component video, s-video, and DVI. Learn about the different types of HDMI connections and HDMI connection methods.

#Humanoid #Robot #AILA è #stato #addestrato al #lavoro sulla #Stazione #Spaziale #Internazionale www.visitami.net

A robot named AILA, might become the second android in space after the Robonaut Designed by the Robotics Innovation Center at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen AILA is currently be



Rise of the Machines #Infographic #Robots #Technology

Rise of the Machines #Infographic

"Last century, machines proved they could replace human backs. This century, new technologies are proving they can replace human left brains.

HUD Elements Mega Pack on Behance

Buy HUD Elements Mega Pack by BRODZELi on VideoHive. All HUD Elements have in and out animations Color controllers + ( Black and White ) 18 Categories No plugins requ.

SUN MOUNTAIN Combo Cart on Behance

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