Best Hiding Place by on @deviantART

Best Hiding Place by CrimsonHorror on deviantart Awww Batman and the kids

Dragging Him Home by on @deviantART

Batman & Red Hood (c) to DC comics. I saw a lovely pic of Stein dragging Spirit and thought it would be nice if it was Bruce dragging Jason. Dragging Him Home

The TALK by CrimsonHorror on DeviantArt

The TALK by CrimsonHorror on DeviantArt (Batman, that's not how it happened)


Hahahahahaha, Dick never changes Batman: The New Duo by ~CrimsonHorror on…

Batman And Superman

Batman And Superman

Funny pictures about Batman And Superman. Oh, and cool pics about Batman And Superman. Also, Batman And Superman photos.

One of the most hilarious episodes

Justice League as Kids. Bruce has no clue as an eight-year-old << Bruce doesn't have a clue as a thirty-year-old - Justice League -- Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

Bat boys

Bat Family (c) to DC comics. There is war among the Bat Brothers. Tears and Blood will flow in the battle field.

Doodles - Batman 9 by *yolin on deviantART

Warning: large file I decided it was time to put some doodles here again. The Jason comic is drawn in Canned Banana Cake style: The drawing of Red Robin and Black Bat was a commissi.

Catching Jason Todd by ~CrimsonHorror  DAMIAN YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND TINY

Bat-Family (c) to DC comics. This was Dick's master plan: [link] Jason Todd loves bread very much The next part is of Damian baking he he he: [link] Catching Jason Todd