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The Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing is a Way of Thinking. Edited by David M. Ball and Martha B. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi,

Chris Ware’s take on the development of humankind.

Chris Ware’s take on the development of humankind.

U_21_830299182412_Q3lgjrE.jpg Chris Ware

Classic Chris Ware cover to David Greenberger’s Duplex Planet Illustrated one of alternative comics’ most under-appreciated series, published by Fantagraphics, April

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware, 1995.

Chris Ware: “Jimmy Corrigan” original art from Acme Novelty Library


parallelismi – comunicazione parte ii

At the Still Point of the Turning World: Chris Ware’s Building Stories and the Search for Structure in the Contemporary City