Model : Katiucha Riabenko Photographer : Margarita Kareva

Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva is a photographer who marks her superb talent in photography through magical and fantasy art. With so much passion, Margarita captures dream-like and magical fairy tale photos with

Speak your truth, fire up your intention, stay tight with your instinctual nature.

The swan of Tuonela. (Margarita Kareva - Elf)

Margarita Kareva is a Russian photographer takes fairy tale pictures, swans, lady of the lake, white dress, crown

horse and i. #horse #contrast

Victorian women were fascinated with horses. The horse represented all that they were and wanted to be; repressed desire, unbridled passions, caged animals trapped in a life of servitude. Black Beauty was a best seller.

DieselSteamGypsy : Photo

lovely outfit inspiration taken to create my own Victorian style dress bustle back which adds more volume. There is lots of detail and time spent on this dress to add the bows.

Russian Fairy Tale Queen by Margarita Kareva.

Russian based photographer, Margarita Kareva creates magnificent and surreal photos of women being transformed into fairy tale princesses and witches.

White horse | Billowing dress | beautiful woman

Senior pictures with horses ideas. Horse senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture poses with horses.

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