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Basset Hound

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picture of puppy purebred basset hound on a beach Stock Photo - 12603481


* * " Hey son, de human overs here willz loves ya like me does, plus brings yoo overs to visit. Yoo be disowin' me! Me kin see dat. Yoo hads one offspring, me. Whys ya gotta do me dis way?


Right now at LifeLetter Cafe . "Cleansing—a priceless gift offered from our creator and God. Read & refresh-forward Jo and "Stinkin’ Sin" here .

Oh my it melted!

Looks like a Dali paintings. Instead of a melting clock, it's melting ears

Maybe someday David will let me have a Bassett hound...who wouldn't love that face!?!

Basset Hound - France - Middle Ages , first documented reference in I believe the modern French dogs are longer-legged. Love Bassets but think they are another victim of man's constant tinkering.


“i'm up to my neck here! ❄️” In Massachusetts last year it was up to my Bassets necks!