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แฮชแท็ก #민규 ในทวิตเตอร์

Wonwoo is really look feminine. maynn,with his skinny and tall body and tht fair adorable face.

Omgosh his face! XD

Omgosh his face! XD <<<"Why he touchin' my an! Where he going with my man?

WHY DO THEY LOOK SO PRistine its killingme

Meanie Couple - Mingyu and Wonwoo << . and cue the naughty principal fantasy. seriously, this is noona torture.


Jeon Wonwoo/Wonu Visual, rapper, has great vocals but doesn't sing (☹️) Marshmallow

Am i seeing this or AM I SEEING THIS ????!!!!  fangirl fangirl fangirlg

Hoshi & Mingyu (Seventeen) - WHAT IS THIS? Both of you need to stop giving all of us fangirls heart attacks, acting all amorous like this.

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MEANIE at AAA I'm dead they both look soooooo hot godddddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️