Me and my friends be like...! Gravity Falls + Steven Universe!

Gravity Falls and Steven Universe crossover.I feel like this has scarred me for life.

Stars with spoons on their noses, great minds think alike.

Gravity Falls and Steven Universe >> Mabel and Steven are such adorable little dorks

Amazing, you go square mom

Steven Falls // Garnet saves the day possibly even the future // Steven Universe and Gravity Falls Crossover

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Yellow Diamond, Bill, and Flowey - Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Undertale crossover. Yellow just seems to be the color of evil all of a sudden.

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Family and Friends by on Deviantart (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, and Star vs. The Forces of Evil)

welcome to the dark side, we have puns

using partner let's other queer people know you're apart of the clan without 'outing' yourself, your partner, or the person you're talking to

A happy-go-lucky spirit

Gravity Falls + Steven Universe i can imagine soos, mabel and steven coming up with dumb songs, dipper and pearl freaking out together, and amethyst and grunkle stan stealing something