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Two of the most known laundry companies in the world- P&G and Whirlpool- have joined hands to create the The Swash Clothing Care System What is SWASH? SWASH is the only in-home express clothing care system

Well THIS is different.

Fun Tattoos for your cast. Want your X-Ray on your cast? Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we’ll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast.

Doing your dry cleaning has never been easier than with SWASH.[ AutonomousAvionics.com ] #electronics

Tech That's Revolutionizing Your Daily Chores

Doing your dry cleaning has never been easier than with SWASH. The best collection latest technology information

I really really really think daddy should have  this!!! About $450 for the tank, jellyfish and food but it is just so cool. I love jellyfish. Maybe it will go down in price & my income will go up. Fingers crossed. Maybe next christmas

Jellyfish Art in San Francisco to launch the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Anyone can own pet jellyfish with the latest desktop aquarium gadget.

Forget about duck and cover, if you truly want to make it through a major disaster the survival pods are your golden ticket. Safely shielded from any danger lurking outside, you'll be able to gaze out through a reinforced window that lets you know when it's safe to come out.

Survival Pods

In case of natural disaster get in this ball. Crush proof, floating ball, able to withstand up tons of compressive pressure, and can take a plunge from Holds four people inside a diameter sphere.

Floating bed that works with magnets

26 Products You Can’t Believe Don’t Exist Yet. Here's one of them: A levitating sofa that uses a giant magnet to simulate sitting on a cloud.

So cool! So want one when they come out!

WTF: This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

Multiple apple plugs for laptop Awesome invention

Best Inventions on

Funny pictures about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Oh, and cool pics about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Also, This USB Connector Is Very Practical photos.

The Award Winning Teeth Whitener - Hammacher Schlemmer

You want to whiten your teeth quickly and easily? Use this Teeth Whitening device, an advanced and award winning teeth whitener capable of whitening teeth quickly with longer lasting results as compared to any other teeth whitening treatments out there.

May I have this phone please? // 개인적으로 핸드폰이 굳이 네모난 필요가 있을까 하는 생각이 든다. 원석을 닮아 아름다운. 굉장히 마음에 드는 디자인

Blackberry Empathy

Funny pictures about Blackberry Empathy. Oh, and cool pics about Blackberry Empathy. Also, Blackberry Empathy photos.

House in London

Billionaires' basements: the luxury bunkers making holes in London streets Illustration: Ben Hasler by irenepo

this grid displays in front of the user and highlights any bumps in the ground.

Funny pictures about For Those Who Love Night Rides. Oh, and cool pics about For Those Who Love Night Rides. Also, For Those Who Love Night Rides photos.

Incredible false limb design, courtesy of 3D printing, and computer engineered to specifically fit the patient; no more bulky prosthetics!

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics. This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a printing guru get together to make artificial limbs. Awesome that a industrial designer can help in the medical world 👍

Tricorder Update -- Social Medicine is the Next Big Thing After Social Media - Forbes

Tricorder Update -- Social Medicine is the Next Big Thing After Social Media

New Imaging Technology Would Let Cellphones See Through Walls - team of researchers has found a way to make the terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum — the spectrum band between microwaves and infrared light

floating sofa for the pool... hello!

I want this for our pool.The Floating Sofa - Hammacher Schlemmer