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Teaching Blog Addict: Guided Reading "Snapshot" Assessments

Guided Reading "Snapshot" Assessments

Guided Reading Levels

Guided Reading Level Chart - I made one for Reading A- Z. It made report card time so much easier. And a great reference for parents.

Guided Reading Take Home Exit Slips - First Grade Guided Reading Activities $

Guided Reading Take Home Exit Slips

Guided Reading Notes - Read about this super easy way to take Guided Reading Notes on this post and grab a freebie -Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Guided Reading Notes

Guided Reading: An easier method for taking notes for students during guided reading. Provides a sheet that allows a teacher to take notes for each student in a guided reading group rather than trying to take individual notes for each student at once.

FREE!! MSV "cheat Sheet"; use during running record to determine cause of error...freebie

A Day in Life of Bee. This is another freebie for MSV that can help you unfold the theory to psycholinguistics within your classroom as you check over student errors to see how they are processing and where they are lacking.