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oppie-flynn.tumblr.com exo xiumin sehun xiuhun

oppie-flynn.tumblr.com exo xiumin sehun xiuhun

Minseok is rude, this choreo is rude, I feel very much attacked

EXO »Pendejadas

Why am I just realising that Minseok's top is see through? <<you can see dem xiuabs

Xiumin's aegyo being forced out by the cold. It needs to be cold more often then.

Same Xiumin, I'm freezing in 50 degree weather because I've never seen or experienced a day of snow in my life help

Okay tho sm really ships Xiuhun in this comeback wow I love it

Xiumin, Sehun - 170720 ‘The War’ album contents photo - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: xiu__mint.

Sehun's cuteness and Xiumin's adorable judging reaction. - Sehun was like: 'Ok, lemme try to do aegyo*but after 3 sec* *nah watever, im cool*' and Xiumin's reaction was priceless ^_^

Sehun: *does aegyo* Xiumin: you call that aegyo? Your hyung can do better any day *puffs baozi cheeks*