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키 for Puma//2015

키 for Puma//2015

Yes! Key sometimes thinks he's not handsome because of the rest of SHINee members are just extra handsome but you do you, Key! You da sassiest and best fashionista in the whole group!

Hahha omg 😂 Key was surprised by his male fan, he probably got embarrassed 😂😍😍 Anyways, just think about how happy that guy must've been! He got acknowledged by his bias

SHINee reactions to being on the camera: OHKey, Hello handsome:)

SHINee reactions to being on the camera: Key, Hello handsome

Adorable!!!! That's how I would do it that girl is brave and awesome!

She is so cute and awesome! And the way Key look at her . my new otp, haha.