Rejected logos and designs, Herb Lubalin & Associates 1971

Designer: Herb Lubalin Found in: Rejected Logos I wasn't expecting to find Herb Lubalin designs when I looked for potential typography designs in the tag, but I did.

Jessica Hische on

Just because the plan is funky and distinctive, many corporations think that they have designed wonderful. Logo designs which are too complex will sim.

Heartwood Font by Haylie Gray. Inpired by the flora of NZ...sweet!

Given the thin lines, I wonder how easily legible this would be from a distance. The style makes me think of those old, giant front-wheeled bicycles.

Hay #detalles que me gustan. Y esta preciosa #fotografía, combinada con…

Love these flowers poking through the paper cuts. Floral typography by Emma Luk, Shillington Graduate.