This is a really nice app icon, I love the shades of the pink box as well as the way it really looks as if its sitting open. The diamond and ring have a really realistic look as well.

Very well excited app design with amazing detail. Sizing down this app will not diminish the clarity of what we are looking at.

Transparent App Icon

An app icon that I've been working on. Would be could if it could work but for now icons can't be transparent.

40 Minimal & Creative App Icon Designs

Today I'm sharing 40 minimal and creative App icon designs. My list will be great inspiration for you if you’re planning to create any App icons or just want to try yourself.

Anywherefriends icon by Ampeross , via Behance

Work for one client. But icon was declined. Project on Behance Shot on dribbble Anywherefriends icon

Photography App Icon Version 2 by Prakhar Neel Sharma #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Photography App Icon Version 2