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Oscar Kokoschka

The ~ Artworks of Oskar Kokoschka and containing the word oskar kokoschka, naive art , primitivism, characters

Kenneth Noland Untitled, 1985. acrylic on canvas, 31-5/8" x 33-11/16" (80.3 cm x 85.6 cm).

Kenneth Noland Untitled, acrylic on canvas, x cm x cm).

Peter Suchin

Text by Alice Miller Peter Suchin: A Critical Contagion in the Quiet of the Night is the first solo exhibition to be mounted at &Model gallery, and the

tadeusz kantor obrazy - Szukaj w Google

tadeusz kantor obrazy - Szukaj w Google

Resultado de imagem para mistura os 4 elementos

Goddess Ignis, Goddess Aqua, Goddess Terra, Goddess Ventus: Ancient Ones, Main Religion of Arros and Monslea


Through Polish Urban Art project, the public of Europe’s seven cities will be able to enjoy the work and creative process of individuals coming from the cultural environment of Poland.

ania maślejak

ania maślejak

Bird sculpture.

Ombrophobia - DALeast The use of drop shadowing is amazing for this style.

~de Kooning~   Woman    (1949)

Willem de Kooning, Woman, Collection of Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC.

Wassily Kandinsky(RUS)     ワシリー・カンディンスキー(露)

Wassily Kandinsky(RUS) ワシリー・カンディンスキー(露)