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Iceland Art Print by Steebz #map #iceland

Beautiful weekly covers for the Weekend Knack Magazine by Khuan Caveman. Each is an illustrated country map. design work life via Khuan Cavemen Co.

Italy: come for the food, stay for the company.

La Baguette Magique * lifestyle with attitude: A Week-End Wonderweb (Maps). Knack Weekend magazine cover, by Khuan + Ktron.

O mapa no corpo! O corpo que é cidade! Que caminhos faria no meu corpo? Que cidade poderia ser construída a partir das formas do meu corpo? Em que parte de mim ficaria a padaria, o bar, o Setor de Diversões, o Setor Bancário, a UnB?

Know your town (like the back of your hand) by johnefrench, I like the simple black and white line drawing, and the quirky shape of the map makes it a strong but effective piece which has been ordinarily created