This asian couple is just my favourite. I just thank W and Mbc drama to choose Lee jong suk and Han hyo joo as lead

그들이 사는 세상 (2008) 2008.10.27.~2008.12.16

그들이 사는 세상 (2008) 2008.10.27.~2008.12.16

Tomorrow with you

A teaser poster for tvN’s upcoming romance drama “Tomorrow with You” was released Tuesday. The poster showed co-stars Lee Je-hoon and Shin Min-ah gazing at one another in a subway car as the sun shines through in the background.

W: Меж двух миров / W: Two Worlds [2016] W Между двумя мирами / Два мира / Дабл Ю Параллельные вселенные / Deobeulyoo

I loved it yesterday, but I was fully prepared for a…