Blame: Sana-Kan by LuarDirge

its been a year since i last read blame. and finally it got a movie from netflix few days ago so i wanted to make a fan art of one of my favorite chara. 新装版 BLAME!(1) (KCデラックス アフタヌーン): 弐瓶 勉: 本 新装版 BLAME!(1) (KCデラックス アフタヌーン): 弐瓶 勉: 本

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Fashion Designer Maya Hansen Talks Her Dishonored 2 Designs

This is why I love Dishonored. They don't give female protagonists the most revealing, absurd clothing that serve no purpose other than presenting their body and sex appeal

MR-1254-22357-22.jpg 700×1,100 pixels

MR-1254-22357-22.jpg 700×1,100 pixels

Abara Manga Ch.9 Page 9

Abara Manga Page 9