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Arms and Armour

shatterstag: “ khfanforall: “ chillithid: “ The progression of the Knight. It’s hard not to admire the intricacy of this armor.

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LARP costumeLARP costume - Page 2 of 319 - A place to rate and find ideas about LARP costumes. Anything that enhances the look of the character including clothing, armour, makeup and weapons if it encourages immersion for everyone.

James Billson - Armadura estilo gótico (reconstrucción).

Imperial guards are the strongest and bravest knights of all men, and their armour cost a small fortune. They are trained since they can walk, gaining perfect body.

Medieval knight with a sword Stock Photo - 15599718

Medieval knights, knighthood and chivalry. All about the Medieval knight training. Knights in Middle ages.

금속의상모음06 : 네이버 카페

The Armor of the Paladins of the Aster looked like Silver and Gold, and when Light hit them, it was Blinding.

Gilded plate armor with armet helmet. If Elvis wore armour it would look like…

♣ ''A Templar Knight is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armour of faith, just as his body is protected by the armour of steel. He is thus doubly armed, and need fear neither demons nor men." Bernard de Clairvaux, c. 1135, De Laude Novae Militae—In Praise of the New Knighthood. More

Knights Templar - Guardians of the crusade route, warriors extraordinaire, one of the richest corporations ever, and the cause of triskaidekaphobia - the pope ordered them all killed on Friday the de mil batallas con mil mas

Athenian hoplite.Thank you J.E. Bruce for sharing.

Sparta Agema made for game "Sparta : war of empires" from Plarium. Model was involved in CG cinematic movie as main character and also as illustration in game.

고구려 중무장 기병 Goguryeo heavily armed cavalry

고구려 중무장 기병 Goguryeo heavily armed cavalry

Elven armor. Biddy Crsft

This armour would help to give me more designs for my characters torso.