i ship all of these!! But i like where this is going in the last one..hehe

AT Crack Pairing RESULT by Katkat-Tan on DeviantArt I love gumlee and the pen x Marshall .

(alternative univers) after finishing this one i thought first : marshy ended up to be a little mean :/ - wanted to draw a comic where they have feelings 4 each other but marshall act mean against ...

Knowing Bubba is Immortal But I saw a REALLY sad Movie n' i just have to draw them like this ~ sry dear's i will always hate u - gumlee

Ask Prince Gumball - Dump by Katkat-Tan on deviantART

Next: Flame Prince again, I select my questions randomly, so just because i haven't answered your question yet, doesnt mean i never will. And jeezuz, yo. Ask Prince Gumball - Dump