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Woolfson" - Pietro Annigoni (Italian, oil on canvas {figurative fine art female head woman face portrait painting

The Yellow Scale by Franz Kupka, self portrait, 1907,The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

"The Yellow Scale" by František (Franz) Kupka a Czech avant-garde painter who lived in Paris. The man in yellow is Charles Baudelaire. Oil on canvas housed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

eclipse - anne magill

A haunting figurative portrait entitled: Eclipse by artist: Anne Magill that leaves a question hanging in the air, but what, exactly, or perhaps the glance asks "Where?

Albert Henry Collings Portrait of a lady

Albert Henry Collings, RBA British), Portrait of a Lady. Albert Henry Collings, RBA was an English artist most notable for his portraiture.



Gabrielle Cot 1890  By:William Bouguereau

Portrait de Gabrielle Cot William Bouguereau Oil on canvas. Cot’s father, the artist Pierre Auguste Cot, was both Bouguereau’s contemporary and an important artist in his.

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With Death as a Fiddler Artist: Arnold Böcklin Completion Date: 1872 Style: Symbolism Genre: self-portrait Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 75 x 61 cm Gallery: Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany