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이케아에서 파는 인형용 침대가 고냥이들한테 딱이라는 말이 있다냥 >_<

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19 Cats Who Understand Doll Beds Were Invented Just For Them

Car No.1

My friends cat has the number 1 on his forehead

By the power of Grayskull, I am BattleCat!!

By the power of Grayskull, I am BattleCat!!

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Here’s a new one from IKEA Hacker. It’s an adaptation of the Duktig doll bed for use as a sturdy cat bed, designed especially for a slightly hefty tabby, Titina. Titina’s mom Paola bought two cushion covers and sewed them to the correct size to make removable, washable covers for the existing doll bedding that comes with the Duktig.…

IKEA Hack: Doll Bed to Cat Bed

IKEA Hack Doll Bed to Cat Bed - I would love to see Logan in this.

perfect timing!

There’s nothing better than having snuggles with your feline friend on the sofa. That is until the witching hour strikes, and your feline friend turns into a destruction-loving werecat.

My favorites are: 3.Under the Bed - put a comfy cat bed or 2 for alone time. 4. Wall Shelves. 7. Wall Mounted Cat Tree  8. Desk Cat Seat - or box, your cat likes to be close to you.  9. Closet Sleeper - this is cool. Cats like to think they have a hidey place that you don't know about! Source: Brookstone.com

10 Ideas To Create More Living Spaces For Your Cat - Page 8 of 10

Cat nesting box keeps your pet close and comfy while you work. NEED this, however I'm sure they would just lay on the printer anyways.