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#Gorillaz - 2D

a-ka blue hair empty eyes gloves gorillaz gun gunbelt helmet highres instrument keyboard (instrument) male focus melodica no shirt shirtless sketch solo stuart pot weapon - Image View -

Gorillaz - Demon Days

adventure time gorillaz regular show gorillaz southpark gorillaz idk :( teen titans gorillaz idk D: uhm. my little pony gorillaz? xD regular NAILED IT

One of my fave's of Noodles :)

Noodle, of the virtual band Gorillaz. Artist Jamie Hewlett has become one of the most influental artist in the current fusion happening between western and Japanese cartoon sensibilities.


When Murdoc was in his Pinocchio costume, was in his normal hair color, Russel in his normal size, and Noodle.

Trippy shit

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