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Pick up your Knitting. There's a job to do! British boys would love a pair of socks from you ~

"Pick Up Your Knitting" sheet music cover - Pick up your Knitting, There's a job to do! British boys would love a pair of socks from you.

"Make Do and Mend", WWII booklet

- Make Do and Mend, WWII booklet. I promised something special for number and I don't think this will disappoint.

Woollies anyone?!

Knitting patterns for Service Woollies contained everything from steel helmet caps to something called “Amputation Covers,” a chilling reminder of the hideous wounds being treated in hospitals overseas.

Photo of Czech women knitting crocheting and by ElmstoneIsle,This unusual and rare carte de visite (cdv) original 19th Century photograph is of four young women: one is holding a book, the other three appear to be knitting, crocheting, and making lace (or some other craft). The photograph was taken in Prague. Were they all sisters from one family? Students at a young ladies' school? In any case, an interesting example of women doing handwork.

CDV Photo Czech Girls Women Knitting Crocheting Prague Prag Handwork 19th Century Jewelry Vintage Ladies Female Education Vintage Images

This made me laugh. One of those things I may think, but don't verbalize. :-)

I feel like this all the time! No one has anything to say until I"m counting my stitches!

bitchinknit:  Crofter- Fair Isle, Scotland

Antique photo of a crofter kinitting outside her cottage on Fair Isle, Scotland xxxx

make do and mend, re-making clothes, 1940s rationing, 40s fashion

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