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Gallery of Taylor House / Paul Archer Design - 1

Casa Moderna de Madera

Altius Architecture have designed the Thorncrest House in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Thorncrest House by Altius Architecture Thorncrest House by Altius

Villa Berkel in the Netherlands // indoor outdoor connection

Villa Berkel in the Netherlands

Villa Berkel / Paul de Ruiter waterfall right outside glass wall. but make the waterfall more noticeable. It would give it more depth --- I love this thought!


"Glam" Floor Mirror at Horchow.

Glam Floor Mirror

Glam Floor Mirror // With a hidden compartment that allows for storage of jewelry and valuables. I would love a floor-length jewelry closet!

1st floor site connectivity + good use of an actual usable rooftop deck

Situated in Sao Paulo, the single story home known as the House’ by Marcio Kogan’s Studio makes full use of the build site, stretching to the extremities to utilize the exterior garden area as well as a rooftop terrace.

LEGO Architecture Studio Set

LEGO® Architecture Studio Set

Lego have teamed up with six-cutting edge design firms for this monochrome Lego Set, to help teach tomorrow´s architects. Lego Architecture Studio set is composed by white bricks, giving it a sketchbook feel, and for helping create natura

Casa Ranco / elton+léniz arquitectos asociados

Galería de Casa Ranco / elton_léniz - 1

Built by elton+léniz arquitectos asociados in Lago Ranco, Chile with date Images by Marcos Mendizabal. The house is located in a privileged area of ground in terms of views, orientation, etc. so the shape of the house a.

polychroniadis:   Smith House, Crestwood Hills,... - (arquitectures)

Smith House, Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles, California, 1958 — Craig Ellwood I like the big glass windows with the blinds