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printed XYZ shoes by earl stewart are designed from scans of the individual's foot offering customized footwear that is comfortable and flexible.

FOOTWEAR MOTORSPORTS by Olivier Henrichot at Coroflot.com

Motorsports footwear work for Fila Concepts and products for Ferrari, Ducati and Michael Schumacher franchises.


Adidas develops new Springblade footwear using printing technology

3D Printed XYZ Shoes by Earl Stewart

2 printed xyz shoes by earl stewart Printed Shoes by Earl Stewart

Artisanally-crafted footwear inspired by 3D printing — electricfoxy

Artisanally-crafted footwear inspired by 3D printing

New Zealand based designer, Earl Stewart has come up with these beautifully designed, Multi Material printed shoes - 'The XYZ shoe is an exploration into

a–to–b: Adactus Runner by Yuchung ChenMore walking A To B

A super interesting thesis project from designer, Yuchung Chen, the ADACTUS RUNNER features a very unique lacing system that allows you to tighten your shoe

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Earl Stewart's XYZ shoes are 3-D printed based on individual foot scans.

Earl Stewart's XYZ shoes are printed based on individual foot scans. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

3ders.org - 3D printed textiles hit the runway at New York Fashion Week | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

The Chemistry of 3D Printing

printed textiles Designer Bradley Rothenberg debuts a series of printed textiles in collaboration with designers Katie Gallagher and Katya Leonovich

Stereographic Lamp | Jason Cole | 2014

Ancient Mathematical Technique Applied to Printed Stereographic Lampshade (Create Printed Tea Candle Lamps that makes a projection of a customized design using the light source)

Modern replicas based on a pair of leather Roman boots excavated at Vindolanda on Hadrian's Wall. Based on where they were unearthed, it's believed the originals belonged to Vinolanda's commanding officer. Note the hobnails.

Hand Made Historical Replicas & Souvenirs and Roman Footwear for Exhibition and Re-enactment.