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Face Hugger

An ALIEN facehugger implants the unsuspecting Kane (John Hurt) with a xenomorph baby.

The-Alien-Evolution-infographic(Something to Know)

The Alien Evolution - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

The Alien Evolution: See a chronicle of the alien creatures that were built to star in likely the most beloved science fiction movie.


(Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek, 1920 It is from this play that we get the word "Robot"


Art: Bob Alien - Concept art, Movies, Sci-fiCoolvibe – Digital Art Art by Cheong Hoe Yi, China.

Face paw

Face paw


Fraggle Rock: Monsters from Outer Space (Archaia Studios Press comic book) - 1 issues

Demon Girl, Motivation, Anime, Demons, Girls, Strong, Little Girls, Daughters, Maids

Rpg, Pretend Play

A collection of the funniest cat motivational posters and funny kitten inspirational posters.

Funny, Tired Funny, So Funny, Hilarious

Star Wars Tabloid OMG!

Star Wars Tabloid-- don't pretend the Luke and Leia kiss doesn't make you cringe every time.

DARTH vader riding cat

Uh-Huh: Darth Vader Riding A Cat Into Battle. May the Fierce be with you :P It wouldn't be so funny if the cat didn't look like Alice, maybe Darth Vader could be played by the sugar glider. Lord, I'm cracking myself up.

Prometheus - Engineer test | por Creatures Inc. Ltd

love the look of the armour on the alien from the film Prometheus, the symbols and shapes make it look like an exoskeleton, would like to include this in a character

Rpg, Pretend Play