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MyDesy 淘靈感

Infographics with real people and objects is a representation of data and facts by physical objects and people. We call it physical infographics.


anatomy of ice cream / small batch creative - tells a complete story in pictures. Leads your eye through the graphic, breaking things down into simple elements.

Wahlkantine by ZEIT ONLINE

"Data made of things" is a series of projects using real things to visualize interesting topics.

Best Film Posters : POEMS ABOUT EVOLUTION on Behance

Poster layouts and magazine layout inspiration: 10 exceptional examples using photography as a key design element.

Danish Rye Bread: Nutritional Value By Element Per Slice Infographic

The Table of Danish Rye Bread Elements is a close look at Danish rye bread.

Berlijnse verkiezingen  #Wahlwaffeln #ahw11  Lizenz Lisa Rienermann / Anna Lena Schiller

Berlijnse verkiezingen #Wahlwaffeln #ahw11 Lizenz Lisa Rienermann / Anna Lena Schiller


Photography and Data Collide In These Infographics Created with Physical Things

Marion Luttenberger is a talented photographer and designer based in Graz, Austria. Marion created a creative series of infographics for Caritas Kontaklade

Proximity Madrid: Cucumbers and Melons, 5

Cucumbers and Melons Infographics by Proximity, Madrid, Spain in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Club de Creativos.