Do you dread trimming your Jamberry nail wraps because it takes so much time and effort each time? Stop starting over each time you do your nails and create a reusable Jamberry nail wrap template! This template is easy to make, cheap to create, and simple to use! It's great for properly sizing Jamberry nail wraps, as

Create a reusable Jamberry template! It’s great for properly sizing nail wraps, as well as trimming off extra length on french tips or Jamberry NAS designs. Let's make Jamberry nail wrap stencils!

Jamberry offers a variety of surfaces for your perfect wrap - check out the website to choose yours!

We have a nail wrap finish to fit every style! Whether you prefer just a 'tint' of color, or if you're a 'glimmer' girl, Jamberry Nails has just what you're looking for! Comment with your finish style below!