Peugeot Exalt Design Sketches by Chief Designer Romain Saquet

An extensive gallery on the development of the Peugeot Exalt Concept, with sketches by Chief Designer Romain Saquet and photos from the design process.

Sketches - 1 — Minimally Minimal

Sketches - 1

I always get requests to put up some of my sketches but I have never had a chance to do so.


sketches by Michał Markiewicz, via Behance. notes: too much content without enough contrast but good presentation of the evolution of the design

Kitchen knife handle, process sketches, designer unknown | clean simple sketches with a nice use of setback construction grid and circles that give a slightly technical feeling to the artistic sketches,

Some futuristic looking knife concept. Tried to make them in perspective at first, but if you ever tried knifes in perspective you know why i went with this view instead:D

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Reversed order compared to my own technique (and commonly practised technique) but this proves you can go your own way- to same results. *Car rendering with Copic Marker by Orhan