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<< Chanyeol ❤ >>

What's your problem man? No what's my problem! Why I always fall for himmm!

Haha XD Chanyeol <<-- well he is the photobomb King <3 <<--- Thats why I love him haha #PhotobombKing | Exo

Kai & Chanyeol <<-- well he is the photobomb King


Kai - 161008 DMC Korean Music Wave Festival <<<okay let me just lie down and cry

This photo? 100000/10 put it on my gravestone.

mds ja imaginou se eu fosse a fotografa dele, mds eu ja teria morrido

EXO Kai dreams of releasing a solo album in the future

My Kaias is now unbreakable. How can he look so freaking PERFECT all of the time?


it’s been years but I still get caught off guard by Jongin’s beauty