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업텐션(UP10TION) (@UP10TION) | Twitter

업텐션(UP10TION) (@UP10TION) | Twitter

up10tion sunyoul - Szukaj w Google

sunyoul 💗💗💗 i think he is like Jungkook in this Picture lol anyways soo cute ❤💗❤

The members of Up10tion in the "So Dangerous" MV

Up10tion So Dangerous Who’s Who

I remember the first time I watched So Dangerous MV and I can't say who's who

Up10tion Sunyoul Xiao flowers in hair

Sunyoul Xiao flowers in hair. So much Aegyooo without even having to speak XD

[10TION NOTE] UP10TION WOOSHIN -  'BURST' Jacket Shooting #업텐션 #UP10TION #우신 #WOOSHIN

[10TION NOTE] UP10TION WOOSHIN - 'BURST' Jacket Shooting #업텐션 #UP10TION #우신 #WOOSHIN

UP10TION IMAGE TEASER | JinHoo | Kuhn | KoGyeol | Wei | Bit-to | WooShin | SunYoul | GyuJin | HwanHee | Xiao

is getting ready to steal the 'Spotlight' with their comeback!The boys dropped a rather cheery jacket image as another comeback teaser in whi…