Hand drawing

Sayaka Ouhito a recent anime background, if anyone can ID it, please do.

Clock Tower and the City of 1000 Pillars

Clock Tower and the City of 1000 Pillars

K, Kanehira. - "Clock Tower and the City of 1000 Pillars"

so pretty!

Anime style illustration by Trylea (ZhiChao) Cai of Hangzhou, China.

kimura Shinji's background drawing of animation movie "Blue…

kimura Shinji's background drawing of animation movie "ao no exorcist…by shinji kamura

Castle inspo, but for where?

The Art Book Review: Tekkon Kinkreet Art Book White Side

“Tekkonkinkreet” backgrounds by Shinji Kimura - Art of © Animation Studios

Medieval Square

the art of kevin nelson: "Tangled" town square sketch

✮ ANIME ART ✮ village. . .city. . .architecture. . .nature. . .trees. . .railway crossing. . .stop light. . .anime background. . .amazing detail. . .kawaii

Enviro Line Art Goals

Gil Rimmer

Gil Rimmer-I love the great exaggerated sense of perspective on this, and the high contrast between light and dark, sunshine and shadow. It's almost like you can feel a temperature difference.

Background Art by Imperial Boy

The Art Of Animation, TekkonKinkreet by Imperial Boy (Teikoku Shounen)

Buildings by redredundance on deviantART

Would be fun to do this with favorite buildings from travels!

Altdorf is an intimidating city if you are from one of the provincial areas.:

Art by Xiang Ling. A great castle towers above a sprawling city.


The Art Of Animation, Kaitan



《惡童》concept artist - Teikoku Shounen 帝國少年

Dive into the wonderful art of Teikoku Shônen Aka Imperial BOy

I will never, ever be this good. Google translated: "Nobody's City - Fantasy Tokyo 'Tokyo fantasy' (TokyoGenso) The series is created by the Japanese animated game scene illustrator Inoue based on Tokyo's real scene, depicting no one's urban scene, that is, imagining the end of the future of Tokyo. On behalf of the wood station, Tokyo Rainbow Bridge, Haneda Airport, Valley 109 (SHIBUYA109) and so on to look at the ruins, are also full of wild smoke, is a full of surprises and creative…

帝国少年 - A vision of a city