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Prayer for the tired

Let your heart be filled . {Love this, and this, from Mary DeMuth: "We’re not required to be strong. It’s our weakness that enables us to stop, rest, and ask God to fill our very empty cup." WE are weak; HE is strong!


Read these powerful prayers for healing and better health. From cancer to depression, find prayers and read the prayers of others. I love this prayer and I need to pray it everyday.

I am Soooo tired

Focus on the word "restore" . It is already in you --- pray for what you need to rise again! Thank you, God! I love this my poor acking body needs to be restored by the love of Jesus and my father my God ! thank god and Jesus .

One of my favorite scriptures.

Don’t worry. My ABSOLUTE favorite verse! (I think this is a favorite with a lot of people.

Sometimes I wish he would text me a reminder. Lol

"Good morning, this is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a miraculous day.


Day Jesus Read the Scriptures and So Can You How can you make scripture study a more integral part of your daily experience?


Dear Lord, Please help those struggling with multiple things, to be able to accept these issues, and to understand that some things take time to process. I pray for encouragement so that we may not tire of waiting or doing good.

5 Finger Prayer:  abridged from Catholic Digest

Could teach one finger per day during program. each day focusing on different ways to pray for the subject associated with the finger. Printable 5 Finger Prayer for Children