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Camvas 「ハルボシ」

Camvas 「ハルボシ」

Слот- АнгелОК - YouTube

I don't own rights to this copy.

"I'm an Emotional Idiot So Get Away from Me" by Maggie Estep

Pretty funny video-spoken word poetry-"I'm an emotional Idiot So Get Away From Me"

Good - Pizzicato Five

animated video clip of the song "Good" from the japanese band Pizzicato Five. From The album "The Sound Of Music By Pizzicato Five".

JAPAN ~ C-Ute sings "Ookina aide motenashite"

Japanese pop im not gonna lie i have no idea what they are saying but the song is so darn catchy

High-school dropout pours SCALDING water over cat as the pet screams in pain! Sign Now! | YouSignAnimals.org

I wish he's in jail. What if that cat poured hot water on him? Bet he wouldn't like that.

The Power of Nazi Propaganda - this is very interesting! It is crazy how much of an impact propaganda can create...

A lot of people throw the word Nazi around now, here is how Hitler campaigned early on - TheLOLempire

"One Billion" by Berlin hip-hop artist sookee

Tanzen (Sookee e la sua versione di One billion rising)

[HD 720p] 131220 Nine Muses - Santa Baby (Christmas Special Stage)

[HD 131220 Nine Muses - Santa Baby (Christmas Special Stage)