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water cycle - baggie in window

Primary Reading Party: Water Cycle I had each table draw & label the water cycle on a quart sized bag. We filled it w/some water & taped it to the window. Today some condensation had formed & by the end of the day, there was some precipitation.

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WOW Wonders of Water (Brownie Journey)

Possible school experiment to show importance of wetlands/riparian zones! This shows the importance of plants in our soil. Plants like trees and grasses help purify ground water. Without them the ground water gets polluted and harder to clean and drink.

Water Cycle Foldable. need to use with 6th grade...notice how the book physically represents the water cycle...not just a worksheet

Water Cycle Foldable (can put into interactive notebook! need to use with grade.notice how the book physically represents the water cycle.not just a worksheet

5 Simple Experiments with Water

5 Simple Experiments with Water

5 Simple Experiments with Water by Leann at Inner Child Learning Can be used in the lower elementary geography albums or science lessons

Fun Rain Project.  Cup with water, put shaving cream on top, and then drop food coloring on the shaving cream.  Watch it "rain".

Weather experiment - take a clear plastic cup and add plain water. Put a small amount of shaving creme on top. Then a few drops of red and yellow food coloring. The food coloring slowly finds it's way down into the water to make ORANGE rain! What fun!

This is one excellent idea! :) #water #Science

Wonders of Water Science Project - Making Clean Water: After learning about pollution and water conservation, you could have your Brownies split into groups and make clean water that has been "polluted" with dirt and other sediments.

Water Cycle Fold-able. Students can draw a picture of what it looks like and write the definition underneath.

Water, water everywhere . A super foldable idea! Content Statement: Grade Earth and Space Science-The hydrologic cycle illustrates the changing states of water as it moves through the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

water cycle craft Week 2

Create a Water Cycle craft when you teach about the water cycle with this So Sweet Craft during your next weather unit. This craft is perfect to reinforce the topics taught during this science lesson and it works well as a science center too.