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마음속에 네가 비우고간 공간만큼 내 마음이 커질때까지... :: 건담 일러스트

Gundam Fan-Art: Gundam in Maintenance Bay Image via wang景天


like the lighting in this Concept Art SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi. The edge of the city next to the river.

Michal Suffczynski WATERCOLOR

"Townhall in Gdansk, Baltic Sea" (Poland) By Michal Suffczynski, Polish Architect and Watercolor Artist - watercolor; 70 x 50 cm -

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(进击的嘎呜的照片 - 微相册) not sure what this says but these are pretty works of art!

Dragon Study Room by Saralie Wågström

A personal project made in Unreal Engine The goal of this project was to improve my modeling and texturing skills, as well as to gain a better understanding of interior environments.