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Term 2 FZD Student Work

Term 2 FZD Student Work

Art Of Disney, Disney Pixar, Character Design References, Student Work, Digital Illustration, Studio Ghibli, The Arts, Robot, Concept Art

Character Reference, Character Art, Character Inspiration, Character Ideas, Anime Group, Fantasy Characters, Anime Art, Illustration, Monster Board

this type of robot but reading a book leaning against tree


All levels of the Mortar are listed and explained on this page. Check out Tips and Upgrade Costs for the Mortar in Boom Beach.

Apollo 3D Printed Action Figure (Assembled)

Apollo Printed Action Figure (Assembled) from toy forge. I don't know who he is if he is even a real character from something but he looks badass and I love robots so me want him for my room

Windows Batch Programming

Windows Batch Programming

I found a nice tutorial on Windows Batch Programming. So, I decided to make a PDF version of it.The guy "STEVE JANSEN" is the one who bring out this nice.

I never thought I'd love again, until I saw that Ultimate Auto Completed the Super Snake Project

Owner of this awesome Super Snake now has a body and sound system worthy of a car with 850 hp.

ArtStation - Psi-Knight, Max Emmert

Psi-Knight, Max Emmert on ArtStation Pretty sure it wasn't meant as star wars art but it's the vibe I get from it