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90년대식 단체포즈 잡는 샤이니 - YouTube

90년대식 단체포즈 잡는 샤이니 - YouTube

jonghyun x inspiration

It absolutely breaks my heart to hear that we lost a precious soul yesterday. RIP Jonghyun, you will be


JongKey is getting dangerously close to my Watch out Neo.

SHINee I can't stop watching it! It makes me so happy. :D I reallyyyyyy love how EXO so happy for them ... they're really so pure ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Artist of the year MMA - SHINee *Sehun was the first one to jumps off his chair*

Bana zorlana aegyo yaptırdıklarında ben(temsilidir)!!

SHINee & EXO : Fotoğraf Albümü •1•

sowutevr: Gwiyomi song: Jonghyun’s version. Get it right biatch XD

I'm still so mad that they edited out his mole what the fuck

Rest is piece Jonghyun youe beautiful angel. You are one of the strongest people and it is sad to see the kpop industry lose a talented and handsome young man.

(gif) SHINee's reactions to EXO's twilight parody !  I laughed just as hard xD

(gif) SHINee's reactions to EXO's twilight parody ! OMG i cried laughing XDD

LOOK at minho & jonghyun

Why did you bring us such Joy , and left no joy over for yourself, Why did it have to end like this , rip .please watch over your members wherever you are . And Please find what you where looking for.

for shinee!

Hello to the Fans of SHINEE. I dont really know their group but Im here to respect. I dont know him but I think He was a talented and happy idol. Rest in peace Kim Jonghyun! I hope SHINEE gets the love they deserve. As an ARMY, I respect you.

Jonghyun you are such a beautiful person.

Jonghyun, and my sister says he is not handsome. Yes I am talking to you Pauli >> Your sister Pauli is so mean! It's sad how she doesn't notice how handsome he is

[GIF] SHINee they're so cute

[GIF] SHINee they're so cute lol key is all like "damn guys ur killin my vibe" love