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Pinterest: ρσяcєℓαιиIV//사랑스러우면서 낡았어.식탁의자.인형의집

Pinterest: ρσяcєℓαιиIV//사랑스러우면서 낡았어.식탁의자.인형의집

Chaise squelettique

Anatomically Correct Chairs These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins, called "Anatomically Correct" seats. For price, they are not cheap, each chair costs

the modern archive - Crosby Chair (Limited Edition) By Gaetano Pesce

Artist/Designer: Gaetano Pesce b. Italy Title: Crosby Chair (child's version) 1998 Medium: Industrial Polyurethane and synthetic material, metal Dimensions: high x x Manufacturer:

Interior, Cabin Decor Ideas: The Gorgeous Twig Table Decorations For Your Home

Captains chairs for dining room. Source: Daniel Mack Rustic furnishings (peeled maple branch chair in Gothic Revival style) TLC Home "Cabin Decor Idea: All Aglow"

By Laurent Martin

By Laurent Martin

Poppy Whatmore Champagne Days: Timetable- 12:01am   2012

Poppy Whatmore Champagne Days: Timetable- 12:01am 2012

Skeletal Rocking Chair. This isn't your grandmother's rocking chair. Unless you have a totally awsome grandma. This chair, which was recently offered at auction, was probably carved in Russia in the Nineteenth Century.

This chair is to be auctioned off in two days by Jackson's Auctions. All it says about it is "Russian style carved wood skeleton rocking chair". This chair is century, but the auction refers you to a similar chair carved in the century. I want it.

Unique furniture design by Lila Jang   Lila Jang, a young sculptor from Seoul, South Korea, makes a practice of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Inspired by the limitations of a small apartment and the desire to escape the often monotonous routine of real life, Jang finds utopia by turning the traditional idea of furniture literally onto its head. Tables, chairs, desks, and stools take on the fluid, playfully exaggerated and voluminous characteristics of fantasy home ...

The strange and surreal furniture by Korean designer and artist Lila Jang, who in her last series has fun to twist and distort the classic French furniture from

Brian Goggin, Herd Morality, 1994-95

10 Contemporary Artists Who Use Furniture as a Medium

"Herd Morality" by Brian Goggin. Installation piece at Yerba Buena Gardens Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

très belle photo. très esthétique et jolie idée de déco.

silla dos Chair using discarded frames by karen ryan--paint it one color

Chrisotpher Guy dining room chair.  Simply stunning.

Art nouveau ref : An iconic Christopher Guy dining chair design with slim, curved tapering back reminiscent of the female form, hand carved know detail and signature Chris-X legs.

just great, love the style, love the fabric, love the color...arms would be nice, but still great

just great, love the style, love the fabric, love the color...arms would be nice, but still great