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22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist | Bored Panda

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist

Most Beautiful Forests in The World - The Black Forest during night in Baden-Württemberg region, southwestern Germany. Photo by: Andy Linden

Optiikka – Wikipedia

Optiikka – Wikipedia

The Doorman - enchanted forest photography - trees forest woods blackbird blue - signed decorative print by slightclutter on Etsy

My Southern Memories-firefly lit nights

Firefly Forest, England I love this picture! The navys and blacks give it a dark tone while the fireflies are little pops of light.


woods,dark & deep (by mefistophillis)

Magical Forest, Poland

Time for a stroll here in the Magical Forest, Poland. Seriously Poland is one of the most beautiful places

Awesome color scheme

Seaside sunset,san clemente,california,USA the pink horizon with dark pink flowers makes it a lovely view

Bioluminescent insects and sky marine fauna are common in aeris, and the night is often dotted with thousands of lights.

Se você ainda não tem motivos suficientes para visitar o Japão, aqui está mais uma desculpa excelente para você visitar a Terra do Sol Nascente: vaga-lumes!

Fotos Surreais De Vaga-Lumes No Verão De 2016 No Japão

Enchanted Bamboo Forest by Nomiyama Kei on

crescentmoon, red forest by dorothedomke

i would love to see this one day if its actually real

Blue Forest, United Kingdom photo by chrisfiel

Vagalumes em uma floresta em Nagoya, no Japão, por Yume Cyan.  Fotógrafos e florestas (Foto: Yume Cyan / Divulgação)

18 florestas misteriosas e maravilhosas

Photographer Yume Cyan - long exposure photographs of fireflies in a forested area around Nagoya City, Japan

Someone Dumped This Crate At A Shelter — And It Was Full Of Kittens

Lonely Dog Escapes Yard To Get A Hug From His Best Friend

Lonely dog escapes yard to get hug from his best friend


Long Exposure Photos of Gold Fireflies in Japan. two great things here: fireflies and long exposure photography

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Footbridge, mountains in the background, red autumn leaves floating toward the camera in the lake as the sunset streams light through wintry barren trees to reflect the island onto the water

This is a view of Bluebell flowers in the woods.  Did you know that bluebells themselves possess some chemical that keep bugs and other small animals away from them. For this reason scientist have studied bluebells to see if it is possible to manufacture more pesticides to be used on other plants and yet safe for humans and other animals to be around.

Bluebell Woods: Purple, Lilac, Green, Grey - Designcat Colour Inspiration Pallet This is my next living room color scheme!